Friday, August 05, 2005

Youri Latortue Senator? Are you kidding?

Youri Latortue, security consultant to Prime Minister Latortue, is a candidate for the Senate for the Artibonite department. He will be running under the banner of the "L'Artibonite en Action" party, a political vehicle designed especially to place him in political orbit. Mr. Latortue, whose checkered past as security official of former president Aristide has yet to be investigated, is placing the Prime Minister in a difficult position. We remember that Gerard Latortue had pledged not to allow any member of his government to run in the upcoming s-elections. It seems that pledge did not apply to members of his private cabinet.

So why would Youri run? Is it because he has discovered that he has a "vision" for the Artibonite and that he can contribute to the development of that beleaguered department? Or can he now spell "I-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y", as in 2-to-6 years of immunity from any type of prosecution for crimes previously committed?

Whatever the case, this candidacy stinks !!!.

Better yet, it reeks of political machination as it would allow Gerard Latortue to remain in the game - and break the rule he set at the begining of his mandate - were his relative (cousin? nephew? who knows) to win. Gerard Latortue has a lot to answer on this one.

Why are we not surprised?