Monday, August 08, 2005

Who's In? Who's Out?


Lavalas is IN ... The new three musketeers (pictured on the left, Yvon Feuillé, followed by Rudy Hérivaux and Gérard Gilles in the back) showed up in the afternoon at the CEP offices on Delmas to register the party. What will the Big Chief say? How about the firebrand activists in the Diaspora? Mezanmi!

Charles-Henri Baker (at the microphone to the left) is IN ... He cut all ties with the 184 and will probably be running as an independent. We say: bad move, Charlito! You just lost all credibility right there!


Jame Foley is OUT ... The current ambassador will be leaving Haiti soon, after a two-year tour. Rumor has it he was not happy in the country, and neither was his wife. We say: so long, James, and good riddance!

Timothy Carney is IN ... He will replace Foley as the interim charge d'affaires. Carney is no stranger to Haiti having served as ambassador in the country a few years back.