Sunday, August 07, 2005

Who Speaks for Lavalas?

This week was quite confusing for Lavalas watchers - like yours truly - who are wondering whether the party will participate in the elections or not. The "we will / we will not" flurry of contradictory statements is emblematic of Aristide's "roule'm de bò" policy. It also highlights the PR problem that is probably driving crazy the press - Haitian and foreign alike - as to who is officially mandated to speak on behalf of Lavalas.

So let's tabulate the spokespersons and official representatives, as of today:


  1. Gérard Gilles
  2. Yvon Feuillé
  3. Rudy Hérivaux
  4. Samba Boukman
  5. Felito Doran
  6. Gérard Jean-Juste

Diaspora/Exile/"En cachette":

  1. Maryse Narcisse
  2. Jonas Petit
  3. Mario Dupuy
  4. Marguerite Laurent (occasionally)

No wonder we are all confused. And when Felito Doran directly contradicts Yvon Feuillé even though they both reside here, we are left to wonder: