Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reuters Corrects Guyler C. Delva's Article

What did we tell you? Guyler C. Delva will miss no opportunity to sneak in a few biased statements about his idol, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in his Reuters articles. And so we had to call him to task for writing a piece where he provided 'input that was radically different from the truth', as Oliver North so eloquently put it a few years ago.

So for the second time this year, Reuters had to issue a correction to 'clarify' some inaccuracies in a Delva article. Of course, they did not catch the biggest lie embedded in the article - that the Lavalas movement played a SIGNIFICANT role in Duvalier's departure. But what can I say? You win some, you lose some.

Stay tuned to this space for our Guy Delva Propaganda Watch. Hey, I like that!!!