Sunday, July 31, 2005

Corruption at AAN; How Greedy Can You Get?

Minister Fritz Adrien (2nd from right), next to Latortue (extreme right)

Ing. Lionel Isaac, Director General of AAN

While we are still poring over details of the incredible corruption that took place under the Aristide administration, we would do well to pay very close attention to the wrongdoings that are occurring under the Alexandre-Latortue regime.

The "new" Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Telecom -Mr. Fritz Adrien - has decided to make up for lost time by having his Board compensation from AAN (the Airport Authority, which he oversees) increased from US$2,000 to US$4,000 per month. Yes folks! You read right! On top of his salary and numerous perks as Minister of TPTC, he is now getting cold hard cash that far exceeds the average salary of his peers.

What could warrant such a generous stipend?

Is it the fact that the Director General of AAN, Mr. Lionel Isaac, is a stand-in for the former director, Adler Edma, and that the two of them want to continue controlling the juicy side benefits of the no-bid contracts that were awarded to cronies of Aristide (for example runway lighting equipment bought by Erickson Trouillot, brother of Mildred Trouillot Aristide and Richard Flambert, son of former Minister of Social Affairs Mathilde Flambert, on a no-bid basis and with a 200% markup to the original cost)?

Is it a way to get Adrien to shut up on all the wrongdoings that Edma perpetrated - and Isaac continued - at the helm of AAN?

What type of contribution does Adrien give to AAN to warrant such an exorbitant stipend, other than sitting in at periodic board meetings?

Whatever the case, and even if the stipend is legal, the amount is SCANDALOUS and should be denounced!!!!!!!!

The government MUST print in the newspapers the salaries and stipends of all the Ministers, Secretaires of State, Directeurs Généraux, Board members and top management of the state-owned enterprises and autonomous agencies (CAMEP, TELECO, AAN, OFNAC, APN, ONA, OFTMA, SMCRS, SNEP, etc.)

Stupid me! I must be delusionnal!!! The Alexandre-Latortue administration - these kleptocrats - have no desire to change the status quo. Why should they? They are benefiting from the corrupt sytem put in place by Aristide and want to make as much $$$ as possible before their term ends in 2006. Disgusting!

If you know Paul Denis, please pass this on and let him know that he needs to investigate the current administration as well before his resignation takes effect.